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OPA ROSA are available for bookings for Festivas, Venues as well as private weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Simcas and parties all across the UK and Europe!
If you would like to book us please send us an email at...

Lulu:   +447770714365

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Weddings, Simchas & Parties

Opa Rosa have extensive experience playing at many different types of weddings! We have a broad range of repertoire including Jewish, Bulgarian, Greek, Russian and Serbian, have a look at our full list of tunes HERE.

We are a flexible ensemble that can provide background music for more intimate moments during the day, alternatively we can can perform a set for high energy and lively dancing.

Various ensembles available from trio to full quintet

Simcha, Hora and Klezmer Ceilidh Sets

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We can offer a traditional Simcha dance set as part of our performance. 

A Simcha set is a 10 - 20 minute upbeat Klezmer tune medley to accompany very lively circle dancing, either freestyle or choreographed (depending on your guests) with the newly-weds often being lifted in chairs.

The repertoire includes Jewish classics such as Chosen Khale Mazel Tov, Simantov u Mazeltov, Hava Nagila and we can tailor our set to suit your needs in terms of timing and repertoire.

Additionally we have a broad range of repertoire from Balkan countries including Bulgarian, Macedonian, Greek, Serbian and Turkish for
Hora sets for circle dancing. Please feel free to get in touch and ask us about our repertoire and what else we can do for you


We can also offer a Klezmer Ceilidh in collaboration with world-renowned Klezmer dance caller Ilana Cravitz. This can consist of 70 - 90 minutes of set dance tunes, including Freylechs, Bulgars, Horas , Sirba, Patsch Tanz, etc. which will be taught by Ilana to your guests and are a mixture of circle dances, partner dances and group dances.

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