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OPA ROSA are available for bookings for private weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Simcas and parties all across the UK and Europe!
If you would like to book us please send us an email at...

Lulu:   +447770714365

Or fill out the form at the bottom of the page


"No words for just how amazing Opa Rosa were. Just the most talented, lovely and phenomenal musicians with an electrifying performance. Requested them to play at our wedding as absolutely loved listening to their songs and they were just incredible live. Every single guest was on the dance floor and no one could stop dancing for the entire set. Didn’t want it to end and numerous requests for encores. Definitely the biggest highlight of the wedding day. Their pop covers of classics by Queen Bey and Lady Gaga were amazing too!"
- Preetika, 2021

"Among the plethora of bands purveying the ‘Balkan sound’ few have taken the trouble to properly immerse themselves in Central Europe’s rich variety of musical traditions. Step forward, then, Opa Rosa - a swinging acoustic quartet whose set list meanders across the region from Macedonia to Moldova and beyond, setting themselves the task of catching the many subtle differences of style and rhythm and fearlessly rising to the instrumental challenge required. Playing with maximum energy and a great sense of fun they soon had a lively Valley Fest audience enthralled and even dancing despite the heatwave temperatures of a steaming afternoon."

- Tony Benjamin, BRISTOL 24/7

"Opa Rosa saved our marriage!"
- John & Antje, 2021

"Thanks to the band so so much for making our wedding so magic. You guys totally brought everyone to life and we’re so greatful for the beautiful talent you brought!"
- Ennea, 2022

"Opa Rosa - a high energy, incredibly tight and talented four-piece band. I called a Klezmer dance with them in Dorchester in May and they put in loads of effort to make sure we had the right repertoire for the gig which went brilliantly. Flexible, fun, great to listen to. Firm reliable beat from Tom’s accordion baselines with great
keyboard dexterity, soaring clarinet from Isis pairs beautifully with Lulu’s virtuoso fiddle, all set off with Izzy’s bass, sometimes bowed sometimes plucked adding a richness to the whole mix. Great Klezmer band and lots more besides for your bar mitzvah, wedding, Klezmer Ceilidh, festival or concert."

- Fiona Frank, Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, 2022

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