Opa Rosa are an energetic quartet of Bristol-based instrumentalists. As skilled interpreters of music from the Klezmer, Balkan, Greek & Roma traditions, they are fast gaining a reputation as one of the city’s most dynamic and virtuosic bands. In their repertoire is a vibrant collection of melodies from all across the Balkans every detail and ornament of which is played with fiery precision. Opa Rosa's masterfully arranged tunes capture all the joy and sorrow that these traditions are so renowned for expressing. 


The ornate interplay of Isis Wolf-Light’s clarinet and Lulu Ruby Rose’s violin blends with the authentic sound of Thomas Hodson’s accordion, while Isaac Ellis dances up and down the double bass fingerboard with punchy grace. With several combined decades of study and experience, all four musicians are well-versed in the music’s syntax and significance, and their sensitive arrangements are grounded in a deep respect for the heritage and cultures from which these beautiful styles originate. 


An extremely versatile ensemble, their performance can be adapted to suit seated concerts, lively festival gigs, acoustic sets, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Recent gigs include a sold out performance at their album launch at The Greenbank (Bristol), Trinity Centre and supporting The Turbans and Sheelanagig at the Jam Jar. Catch them touring across UK festivals this summer. Be warned - it’s hard to stay seated at an Opa Rosa show!


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Isis Wolf-Light - Clarinet

Isis is a multi-instrumentalist with a first class degree in Ethnomusicology from SOAS, London and has studied many different styles of traditional music ranging from Eastern European folk, Ethiopian Jazz to Indonesian Gamelan. As a proficient clarinetist, she specializes in Klezmer and Balkan folk styles, having studied with Klezmer maestro Merlin Shepherd. 

Isis teaches a Balanese Gamelan class in Bristol and also teaches clarinet privately: iwolflight@gmail.com

Thomas Hodson - Accordion

Thomas is an experienced multi-instrumentalist who has been studying and pursuing music since 2005. In that time has studied composition at The University of Western Sydney (now WSU) and has taken to the stage around Australia, Europe, New Zealand and The United States. With a passion for all music, love to play all genres of music including Eastern European folk, jazz, swing, world music and rock/metal. Thomas is an active piano, accordion and guitar teacher in Bristol, sharing his love of music to all ages. Additionally has composed music for screen and stage for several exciting projects


Lulu Austin - Violin

Lulu has travelled widely across the Balkans, learning Eastern music first hand from masters of the traditions. She has studied many different styles of world music, including Turkish music in Crete with Giorgos Papaioannou, Bulgarian music with Atanas Slavov at The Plovdiv Academy of Music and Dance in Bulgaria, Middle Eastern music with Maren Lueg in Turkey, and Klezmer music with Arianne Cohen-adad in Belgium. Lulu plays Turkish and Middle eastern music with music and bellydance project Chalguh Chengi, and loves to travel, teach and perform. Her greatest passion is to share Balkan, Middle eastern and folk music from around the world.

Available to teach all levels and ages, classical and world music: luluaustin@hotmail.co.uk

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Izy Ellis - Double Bass

Bristol's best kept secret....